Wednesday, October 14, 2009


When I was a senior in college I spent a semester studying art and architecture in Rome. One of the things I came to appreciate was the profound effect that space planning can have on a culture. I learned that how we construct our homes and schools and community buildings – literally, the size, shape and arrangement of rooms – not only speaks volumes about what we value; it also has an enormous impact on how we experience the world.

I think the same is true of food. It’s not only what we eat, but how we eat – whether in the car, on the bus, in front of the TV, or sitting around a table – that says a lot about what we value. The setting also dictates how we interact with each other. For example, though I enjoy takeout and movie night as much as the next girl, it’s well near impossible for me to have a good dinner conversation – or any conversation, for that matter– with Dutch if the television is on.

So one of my latest contributions to the Baker family culture is the Sunday evening meal… I don’t need it to be lavish, but it does have to require a little added preparation. This week I made a simple (really, simple!) roast chicken with fresh sage butter and roasted vegetables. It was decadent! And I was amazed by what a difference it made to light a few candles and eat outside with the pretty dishes. Audrey loved it. I loved it. And Dutch left the table saying he felt ready to go back out and slay some more dragons.

More pictures and stories to come!

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Joseph Anfuso said...

I love your writing, Heather, but I'm also appreciating more and more the photos you take. They always seem to capture the simple beauty of your surroundings, and the sweet personalities of your "usual subjects": i.e. Audrey, Evie and Dutch. Visiting you through your blog has become a daily habit for me that I sincerely look forward to. Thanks for inviting me in!