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Feels Like Summer...

Nashville Spring

Old friends are the sweetest friends... In March we had the joy of reuniting with a few. The best part was watching each other's children intereact for the first time!

Baker Family Reunion

In mid-March we had a little Baker family reunion. Highlights included watching the cousins romp around together. Here are a few of my favorite moments:

Caught pre-tasting the Birthday Cake!

Audrey Turns 2!

Her birthday was March 19th but here is a glimpse at our family party. It was small: Grandpa and Beppe, Ella and Kate, and of course Mommy and Daddy. We had chocolate cake - of course! And then opened a few gifts.

Painting Partner

In the flurry of activity that surrounds 'getting ready for baby' Audrey and I began to experiment with paint colors for the guest bedroom. We finally settled on a bright robin's egg blue and Audrey was quite thrilled for an opportunity to show off her skills!

Aud's First-ever taste of plum...

Daddy's Birthday Lunch

On April 1st Audrey and I made our first-ever batch of peanut butter cookies and brought them by Daddy's office with a large iced vanilla latte. Afterwards the three of us lunched at a nearby French restaurant...

Audrey proudly demonstrated her love of coloring...

When the waitress asked Audrey, "Where is your baby sister?" this was her response:

Daddy's Helper


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