Friday, October 16, 2009

Library Hour

Allow me to note that Audrey is wearing the polka dot party dress that Nanny sent her. However she calls it her "pocket doughnut" dress. A far superior term. ...Aud also picked out Evangeline's "pocket doughnut dress" - which was a gift from sweet Mrs. Labbee (thank you!).

Evie may appear to be crying but in fact she is cooing (or yodeling) a routine activity that last for up to ten minutes at a time, usually, and it is adorable.

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Mom said...

I just can't stand it. I recently made the mistake of telling Audrey that I was coming (which I am for Halloween weekend) but oh so sad to hear her ask me as if the day I arrive is tomorrow when in fact it is ten more days. The girls are my sweet dreams and the Evie's cooing I am sure I hear when I close my eyes and listen very carefully!