Thursday, October 8, 2009

'The Sheep One'

On Saturday Dutch and I were out walking when we happened upon an estate sale. I winked and told him (famous last words) I would "just be a minute.”

A quarter of an hour later he wandered inside to find me huddled in the corner of the living room up to my eyeballs in records. I heard him utter a little “a-hem” and looked up guiltily like a little girl who has just been caught in the closet with the cookie jar.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“I am in heaven!” I exclaimed, “What are the chances of finding soundtracks to 'Dr. Zhivago,' 'The Sound of Music,' 'South Pacific,' 'The Pink Panther,' and 'War of the Worlds' all in the same place?” But that was only the beginning: there were albums by Edith Piaf (including one of my favorite songs in the universe, "Non, je ne regrette pas rien"), The Carpenters, Linda Ronstadt, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir… and a seven-record compilation of old timey hymns ... all right there at my fingertips!

Needless to say I walked home carrying a stack of thirty records - all mine for under twenty-five dollars!

For the next six hours I became obsessed – obsessed! I tell you – with finding an old record player. Would you believe it? They sell them at Target. Dutch found one and purchased it for me, thus making me the happiest woman alive.

For the last six days we have done nothing, nothing but listen to old records!

Now instead of asking for her com-peter Audrey wakes up and rushes to the record player. "May I please listen to the sheep one?” (This is the "The Lonely Goatsherd" track from The Sound of Music - best-known as the number that is sung during the puppet show.)

Today we listened to it approximately 38 times- each time while yodeling at the top of our voices.

It was awesome.

If Audrey is feeling especially energetic (which is always) she jumps on the couch while yodeling, sometimes taking a breath to consider who we can invite over to partake in our new favorite activity/ritual. Ella? Kate? Uncle Everett?

But the best part is watching her develop a love for music. Not that I am saying there is anything wrong with the theme song to Mickey Mouse Club House (hot dog!) but it rather pales in comparison with the music of Rogers and Hammerstein.

I really think hospitals should start giving out record players to all new mothers. They not only fill your home with music -- but your heart. (I know, I know, I just put myself in position to win the cheeseball award for the century.) But it's true!



Kathy said...

Well, I supposed if you have ditched the TV/movie scenario, an old record player is a fabulous new obsession! Where does Audrey get these obsessive traits, I wonder? :) Love it.

Lindsay said...

Oh I HATE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!! I only let Brody watch it when I am in desperate need of a break from Bob the Builder! :)