Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall, fall, fall!

You know you live in Arizona when it is the middle of October and:

1. You are celebrating because you can finally break out the lawn furniture and start entertaining outside.

2. Swimming is still a major part of your life - you have playdates so the kids can swim; and you can also exercise in an outdoor pool at 6 am without shivering (I do).

3. You can now park in direct sunlight without fear of suffocation or 3rd degree burns upon returning to your car.

4. You can open all the doors and windows for most of the day and all of the night just to let in the cool breeze.

5. You can go for morning walks without fear of cursing in front of the children.

6. You can go to an outdoor park at noon without fear of getting sunstroke.

7. You put on a sweater and flats, then start to sweat so you change back into your sleeveless shirt and sandals.

8. You find yourself saying how amazing the sunsets are because now you can finally go outside to watch them.

9. When you go for your evening walk you no longer fear an unseemly encounter with a rattle snake - now's hibernating season.

10. You still drink iced coffee and enjoy it just as much (more) as if it were July.

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