Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Still Life with Moss and Stone

I found this perfectly formed tuft of moss poking up out of a snow patch near Bass Lake. I was struck first by its color - an almost iridescent shade of green - and then by its form and texture - like soft coral escaped from the sea. The stone I found nestling in the sand on the shore of the lake. I love holding it in my hand because it is soft - so soft! - and smooth. Almost egg-shaped; almost perfect.

With these treasures hidden in my pockets I jogged up and down the windy, wintry beach, indifferent to the cold water soaking my legs and the small stones working their way into my shoes... In the space of twenty minutes my imagination had been set ablaze.

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Sommer said...

Silas and I looked at your pictures together this afternoon, and when he saw the moss and stone he said "oh look, they are building a nest for a baby bird!" It made me wonder at the imagination time our kids could have together. Made me miss you. Made me glad that I will see you in March.