Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Dear Seeing the Everyday,

How shall I say it? I kind of... love you.

But not only because you have graciously seen fit to publish something I’ve written (though that is enough reason all its own). I love you for what you do, who you are.

In the foreword to Maud Hard Lovelace’s timeless children’s classic, Betsy-Tacy, and Tib, which chronicles the ‘everday’ goings-on of three friends, Ann M. Martin says, "These were small stories, things that could happen to anyone, but when Maud Hart Lovelace told small stories she made them seem big.”

This, in effect, is what you do for your readers; this is what you do for me.

Rather than making an endless stream of direct attacks on the things in our culture that are flimsy and degrading, things which assault and drag down the soul, you focus your narrative lens on the “poetry in the prosaic” – the small, ordinary moments between a parent and child that seem forgettable, and which often are forgettable, but which emblazon a life lesson onto the heart of a child.

You do just what you say: you help me ‘see’ how much the small, everday moments are the big moments.

Thank you, thank you. A million times.

~HM Baker


deonna said...

so grateful for the link and information re: this publication! thank you. :)

congratulations on being published as well!


Matt and Katie Broweleit said...

I always love catching up with you on your blog! Annabelle and I are currently reading "Betsy-Tacy" as our bedtime reading togehter, and next up is "Besty-Tacy, and Tib". I loved that you noticed the wonderful, every day beauty in those books.
Hope you are well! I miss you friend.