Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spots and Stripes

Another belated birthday gift arrived today by post: a set of matching mother-daughter aprons from my mother's friend who has not a clue about all these happenings. I fabricate nothing, but stand in awe of it all.


our family said...

HEATHER! I can't even believe it. Once again, I'm almost tempted to laugh at the tools God uses to "work" on you. I simply love it. And all the aprons. I wonder whom He has planned to fill them. Another daughter or two, perhaps...? ;) You are a BEAUTIFUL example of womanhood and motherhood for your daughters, and the rest of us, to see. I love you. Happy Birthday!

Joseph Anfuso said...

What a journey you are on, Heather. Isn't it awesome how God communicates with us in such precise and personal ways? And, always with the same message: "I see you...I love you...I have a unique and special plan for you." Hang on, Heath...GOD is going to use to bless and encourage many.