Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A stroke of...poetry

Audrey came to me crying after pinching her fingers in the sliding glass door. Once we had "bathed the wound" she began mumbling to herself, a bit of free verse set to a little song. "It's for you, Mom, for you!" she said.

"Let me hear it."

"I won't forget you and your little star," she sang, swaying from side to side. "I won't forget you and your little star." I was instantly swept up - such whimsy! such imagination! I am an unforgettable star-like creature? How wonderful! How magical! - only to be cast down - or should I say "snuffed out" - by the concluding line: I won't forget you when you get blowed out, ffffffff!"

The force with which she delivered it took me quite aback.

But then, what is great poetry without a little tragic realism, right?


Lindsay said...

Ha! Ha! At least she doesn't call you a "gigantasaurus" all that time like Brody does with me. :)

Kathy said...

I hope Audrey is composing a poem/song that displays as much tragic realism as this one, in anticipation of my Easter visit.

e said...

Those are just the sunglasses a poet would wear.

I hope Audrey and I can have a jam session next time I visit.

Anonymous said...

This picture is classic! I love it!