Friday, March 12, 2010

Side Effects of the Flu

Audrey's been having this problem with excess mucous which sometimes triggers her gag reflex. My solution: a throw-up bucket by her bed.

The other morning, at about three am, I heard her crying, then the door knob clank open - first hers, then ours. In a moment she was in bed beside me. "Oh, Mudder!" she said. "I forgot my blankie!"

"Okay," I mumbled hoarsely, "Where is it?"

"Outside da door!"

I stumbled, half blind, into the hallway to discover - not only her blanket, but Princesses Snow White and Sleeping Beauty packed snugly into the throw-up bucket. It looked like a comfortable way to travel, actually, though I couldn't help but ask myself, chuckling, what kind of child wakes up in a fright but takes the time to safely pack and carry her 'necessities?'

Mine does, I suppose.

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