Friday, March 12, 2010

Meet the Woodmouse Family

It is very large, especially when you take grandparents and cousins into account.

But there is one particular couple whom Audrey has taken a particular fancy to: William and Celestine.
This is William and Celestine on their wedding day:

Only when we arrive on this particular page, she stops me and says, "No, Mudder - that's you! And that's Daddy... when you're getting married!"

"Well," I admit, "It does look a little like we did. Only with a bit more lace."

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lindsaybrooke said...

heather.. what a joy to come across your blog. Allison had sent me a link to hers and then I saw "small beginnings" and I wondered... and voila, there you are. I love that you are writing and in that, documenting your family. beautiful.