Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I love this store. It is a newish little home accessories boutique in Sellwood, OR, and I arm-wrestled (okay, not arm-wrestled, but sweetly talked) Dutch into taking me there when we were in Portland last month. The store is named after its owner, a Miss Daisy Phillips, whose name in french is - what else? Marguerite. The store was piled high with french linens, brass scissors, hand-blown ornaments, paper whites, stuffed pheasants, even a giant urn filled with enormous goose down powder puffs from Paris - if only I wore powder! All of these details worked together to create an ambiance that I'm convinced would enthrall even the stodgiest soul. When I returned to the sidewalk I was freshly inspired to really look with wonder and curiosity upon the world.

My one regret: I turned down an offer to photograph Daisy's shoes! Why would I do it? They were camel-colored peep-toes, very shiny, and revealing a pristine holiday pedicure... But when she offered I got all bashful and instead went into the bathroom and took pictures of the toilet paper! Ridiculous. But perhaps she'll give me a second chance next time around...

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our family said... must get the shoes next time around.... I have to admit, though, that I'm glad you included the toilet paper shot. Somehow the two of you managed to make toilet paper look pretty!