Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm missing your love love love

Dear sweet Audrey Sophia,

Daddy has the flu... and we didn’t want you to catch on… so you are spending the night with the grandparents. We had so much fun in the car, on the way to meet Beppe, belting out the lyrics to the Black Eyed Peas: "I can't stand another night / stand another night without you / Since you've been away everything don't seem like it used to be / between you and me cause I'm missing you / I'm missing your love love love..." It was the perfect foreshadowing.

After Evangeline went to sleep I sat up with Daddy and folded laundry while we watched a movie. I got distracted every time I came across one of your little shirts. I think it is the first movie we have watched from start to finish since – I don’t know, the day you were born?!

It was a treat; but not as much of a treat as having you around… I think I would give up movies altogether if it meant I could have you around me forever… Just so you know I called Uncle Ry-ry and he is going to write up a contract for us to sign...

How is it possible that in only four hours I already miss your enormous brown eyes, your rambunctious personality, your laughter ricocheting off of every wall? I miss them so much it hurts. This afternoon you were like a babbling brook, chattering nonstop, telling Daddy, “you halfta go back to bed, Dad!” And by the time naptime rolled around I was ready to pull out all my hair.

But tonight, on my way to change out the laundry, I found your coral hair bows on the grass outside; and I thought about our day together, how we ate bagels with cream cheese and you made pebble soup, and played “beauty parlor” and I trimmed your bangs and painted your nails a shade called “Elephantastic Pink”… incidentally it is the color I had on the day your baby sister was born. At that moment, with your bows in my hand, my heart surged with love and longing for you… so I called your Beppe’s phone but there was no answer. I wasn’t surprised given that Grandpa and Beppe are in the middle of a major renovation… perhaps you are all outside sleeping under the stars? I wonder.

Wherever your head is laid, I hope you are sleeping soundly, dreaming the dreams of angels.

Yours forever,


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