Thursday, November 19, 2009

Princess Daddy

We are sitting around the backyard table when Aud says: “You sitting right here and I gonna tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a princess… and her name was Mommy Header!

Me: "Princess Mommy Heather?! I LOVE it!"

Dutch: Am I in the story?

Aud: Yes, you gonna be Princess Daddy.

Dutch: Oh.Um. Daddy's don't like to be princesses.

Aud: You - you Princess Daddy and Mommy's gonna be Princess Mommy Header.

Dutch: Hmmm... How about if I be king?

Aud: Noooo, Dad. You can’t gonna be king you gonna be Princess Daddy.

Dutch: I want to be king. Please?

Aud: O-kay, Dad. You be King Daddy. Mommy you gonna be a princess all by yourself, o-kay?

Me: A princess all by myself? I like the sound of that! What happens in your story?

Aud (shouting): There’s a monster comin' to get you!

Me: A monster comes to get me?

Aud (more shouting): Yessss. And King Daddy gonna save you!

Me: King Daddy saves me?

Aud: Yesss. Then it’s gonna be the end. The End!

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