Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Top 10

Having added another arrow to our quiver I have significantly lowered my expectations for what can be 'accomplished' in a day... or two...or three.

This weekend we:

1. Admired one 'Miss Fix-It' as she assisted Daddy in refurbishing an industrial-style espresso maker (oh, the things Dutch does for fun!):

2. Laughed at Daddy's ineptitude when it came to dressing for the pool:

Then we said 'bye-bye' to Daddy as he headed off to work. Or in Audrey's words: "Daddy going work... going his house. I - I staying here. Staying Mommy's house."

3. Bathed ONE baby TWO times (poor child sleeps in our room which is the hottest in the house and she woke up sweaty; by 10 am, having sat in her stroller, in the shade, while we swam, she needed another chance to cool off:

4. Blew up a dozen balloons - and chased them around the house - just for fun!

5. Fashioned our friends Ella and Kate out of playdough:

'Ella' is featured here in a pink dress:

'Kate' wore a lovely green and blue number (not pictured). When Audrey observed me inserting toothpicks for Ella's arms she grabbed the as-yet-armless-Kate and said, "I do it! May I do it, please?"

The result was strangely reminiscent of... voodoo! Sorry, Katters!

6. Drew pictures of Pickles, Peas and "Audrey Flowers:"

7. Made Popcorn Soup (then proceeded to spill Popcorn Soup; Mommy is certain she will be finding stray kernels for the next two years...):"

8. Made (and spilled) "Monies" Soup:

9. Brushed up on "Evangeline in Literature:"

PG Wodehouse is sooooo funny. Evangeline features prominently in this story, "Farewell to Legs." You Hemingway fans will pick up on the pun...

10. Saved the best for last: dishes

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Kathy said...

I guess Dad should stick to fixing machines and not dressing little girls.