Saturday, August 27, 2011

Paper Happy

After my dear friendBetsy featured some photos of Carrie and Ryan's invites on her blog, their suite was featured on 100 Layer Cake and OH SO Beautiful Paper. It was such a privilege to be able to translate my love for Ryan and Carrie into something touchable and visually stimulating; and I'm happy that other people were inspired by it, too. Carrie works at a travel agency and both she and Ryan have traveled extensively so the travel theme was not only inspired by my sisterly confidence that they will "go far" together, but by their mutual love for seeing the world.

Credit goes to Betsy for acting as the project's "artistic director," and to our friend, Sarah, whose own over-sized wedding invites first inspired me to try to put together something unique for Ryan and Carrie.

I should also mention, for anyone eccentric enough to try something like this, that the paper for the liners was purchased at Cavallini Papers. I ordered several different travel and vintage-themed papers - one with old passport stamps and stickers, one with vintage world maps, and another with vintage stationary - and then, because I am totally nuts, selected which one to use based on the color scheme of the stamps and the biography of the person, if I knew any part of it!

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