Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hi, Dad!

Today we're starting a "Hi, Dad," series: one snapshot for every day that you're away. This one is from yesterday. We went to the park - two of them, actually. One was Oaks Amusement Park where we celebrated Audrey's birthday. Again. All the aunts and uncles were there and we ate cake and opened presents before going on the carousel and half a dozen stomach-lurching rides. We missed you. Especially for the stomach-lurching rides part. You would have liked that.

Then, this evening, we went to the park nearest us, the one with the rose arbor and the teeter-totters. Evie fell in the mud again and we were all freezing so we drove home. In the car, Evie said, "I miss Daaaad," in her throaty little mouse of a voice.

That night, when I was tucking her into bed, I asked if I could sing her a song. She said, yes; and I asked, which one, and she said, The Hessel One, and I said, The Hessel One? She said, Yeaaaah. The Hessel sooooong. I shamefully admitted I didn't know The Hessel Song and began singing the opening lyric to Jesus Loves the Little Evies, Go Tell it on the Mountain, and Baby Mine, each in succession. No, no, no, she said, very emphatically. So I told her I would ask you to teach me The Hessel Song and sing it tomorrow.

Don't wonder whether we miss you. We do.

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