Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Provencal Experience

We hadn't ventured more than a quarter mile from the Inn when I saw the sign for fresh lavender... I could smell it even before I rolled down my window and, to Dutch's profound chagrin, insisted he pull the tightly-packed car over. It wasn't the first favor he had granted me that morning: littering the floor at my feet were eight or ten Ball jars filled with raspberry-colored hydrangeas - my wedding spoils - which I assured him would add ambiance to our ocean cottage. (They did; thank you, Kate!)

Five minutes and about fifty photos later, Audrey - who was still proudly wearing her flower girl dress from the night before - and I scrambled back into the car happy women.

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Kathy said...

Lavender always reminds me of you! And let's not forget the use of it at your own wedding. A very sweet memory.