Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pennsylvania Prose

If, to borrow a quip from Harriet Beacher Stowe, the pictures from our Pennsylvania vacation are a slice of poetry, the reality was decidedly prose. For months we had been looking forward to seven days of delectable dinners, game-playing, and inspired conversation... what we got was less inspiration and more persperation.

What we got, in short, was a heat wave - the hottest in the Northeast since 1901. The children, half of them, did their part in turning up the heat by contracting a blistering (literally, blistering) virus so that temperatures both outside and in hovered just below 103 degrees.

We adults got about as much rest as one might expect while crouching in the prow of a small boat on the open sea in the middle of a wind-storm for days on end. By the end of the week I considered having t-shirts made up for the four of us that read: My Idea of Fun is Sleeping.

Still, we managed to capture some photogenic moments… and to enjoy one another in the process which, for those who have ever been severely sleep-deprived, is a feat in itself.

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Lindsay said...

This sounds exactly like our San Diego trip except it was quite cold...which would make the fevers, pink eye, and sleepless nights a little more bearable except that we were intending to enjoy a hands-on beach vacation not a bundled up, theoretical one. :(