Thursday, April 29, 2010


The latest volume of "Seeing the Every Day" arrived in my mailbox yesterday along with a note from my grandmother. She raised nine children and her advice to me was as simple as the themes woven into the pages of this magazine: "Your girls are growing fast. Enjoy them while they're little."

I was overcome with an urge to clear my schedule, squeeze some lemons into lemonade, and spend the afternoon sitting on a porch swing reading picture books to the girls. I couldn't resist photographing the cover - is there a more beautiful color than celadon blue? - along with my favorite oven timer, a reminder that my Grandmother, of course, is right. My time is limited - one day these babes will be grown and gone; and I want to be vigilant about making room in my life to be swept up by the small things... I know one day I'll look back and recognize how big they really were.

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