Friday, December 11, 2009

The Best Medicine

Last night as I was tucking Audrey into bed she moaned and said, "Oh, Modder [which is Bambi's borrowed term for 'Mother'], I need some medicine! You - you get me some medicine, please?"

"Is something hurting?" I asked.

"Yeessss," she said, with affectation. "My feelings are hurtin'!"

Stupefied, I tried to keep from laughing outright (I didn't want to do any more damage to her feelings). "I can relate!" I said. "But do you know what the best medicine for hurt feelings is?"

"Nooo," she said.

"Hugs and kisses!"


the davila family said...

That is crazy! -- A few weeks ago I was super late and impatient with the boys. As I shoved them out the bathroom door after finding them will all of the feminine hygiene products unwrapped and disassembled on the floor, Oliver said, "Can you give me a kiss, 'cause that hurt." I responded impatiently: "I didn't see you get hurt. What hurt?" And he said, "You talking to us like that." oof! It was obviously convicting. But it's amazing what they say, and I think they actually get it!

Mom said...

And don't forget to add a spoonful of sugar with that :) xoxoxo

Lindsay said...

Brody asks for Tylenol every night, but that's cuz he's hooked on the juice!! :)