Saturday, September 26, 2009

Alice in Candyland

This morning we planned to attend a short children's production of "Alice in Wonderland" in a nearby outdoor shopping mall. All day yesterday I prepped Audrey, telling her we were going to see a play and there would be kids in it just like her and wouldn't it be fun to wear a bow in your hair.

This morning she was excited... "We going to see Alice in Wonderland, Mom?" Yes, I told her. "Oh, that'll be really kinda fun, Mom!" Yes, I said, it will.

We arrived just in time and hurried to take our seats. She saw her friend Ella and sat down beside her. The moment the play began I looked back and forth from Audrey to the actors - Alice in her blue dress talking to a garden flower - eager to see Audrey's reaction. But within minutes, inexplicably, she began to cry, "Mommy!" I scooped her up and away and asked what was wrong. She didn't like it? "No!" Was she scared? "Yes!" Why? "Be-cause," she whimpered, "I wanted to go see candyland!"

It struck me that Audrey had most likely conflated "Wonderland" and "Candyland" - a game we have been playing frequently in the last two weeks. Here was Alice but where was all the glittering candy?

Thankfully (regrettably?) we only had to travel a few hundred yards to AJs Fine Foods where they offer their own version of Candyland on aisle number 3.

Chocolate anyone?

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Lindsay said...

Ha! Ha! At least that's a little less graphic than eating "Officer Flossy Joes" for dinner like we do!